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Physical health is generally something we strive for as human beings. We have periods where we are thriving, feeling energized, nourished and free from pain. In contrast, we all have periods where we might be feeling unwell, have aches, pains, trauma, feel sluggish or have a diagnosed illness.

During these times when we have additional needs we access treatment or support in numerous ways. 
Why should mental health be any different?

Our mental health is one of those needs to validate and prioritize. It is a natural part of living. 

Feelings of shame, blame or guilt around our thoughts, feelings and mental health sometimes leave us overwhelmed by, or stuck in this space.

I can provide you with a safe, inclusive and trauma informed space and be a part of your therapeutic road trip. You drive, and I will navigate. We can decide together which roads to take, how fast and when to stop. We might take a couple of wrong turns along the way but I remain confident we can get to our destination together, working collaboratively.  

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